Free Hat!

#FreeHat :

Who has a smaller head than me and could use a super cute beanie?

I’ve been working on this for probably the last year (along with a scarf and several other projects)

But I used a smaller gauge hook and it’s a lil too tiny for me. Whoops! It’s got super cute rainbow shimmer in a light gray yarn. Free to a good home 


Back to teaching

En route to teach my first class at Humanmade today! 

I’m especially excited because I recently stumbled on a post from when I quit my job in May, where I mentioned that one of the reasons was to get back into teaching. At the time my other job was at a bar and I didn’t know I’d be working at Humanmade, a shiny new makerspace in SF. So somehow I’ve ended up on the right track, yay!

Now I just need to get through Burning Man, come back and move into a new studio, and really really get going!


Leaving a safe FT job for the thrill of entrepreneurship

I have been working my FT job as a sign fabricator for the past 13 months, and I’m excited to say that this is my last week and I’ll be moving on.

I was thrilled to start this job in April 2018, with a passion for environmental graphics and the desire to learn more about the industry while starting a similar business.

I did learn a lot about sign making, painting, and project management while here, but the most important thing I learned was that the standard 9-5 live/work balance is just not for me.

Born a hard headed Aquarius into a family of hardcore entrepreneurs, I’ve always struggled in heavily structured environments. Most of my professional career has been spent as an artist, freelancer, and gig worker. I closed my business to move to California and tried to get a normal job here... but trying to fit a mold is way harder to deal with than the instability of going it on my own.

Luckily I’ve been taking steps to building Sign and Swag ever since moving to California 5.5 years ago. Space Cake has been ebb and flowing since realizing my passion for event production back in NYC 2012. (Please follow my pages for updates if you are inclined)

Recently, I landed a great bartending job to help keep me going while I take the plunge in both these endeavors. And I’m very excited to start walking dogs for extra cash. I need more animals in my life!!!

I already feel lighter knowing I have one week left in the daily grind. This Friday, I’ll plunge into the the deep end and leave a sure thing. I’m walking on clouds with the adrenaline rush that comes from following true passions and deepest dreams.

With the time freed up, I’ll be making more art, getting back into teaching, and hosting even more workshops and events. It’s gonna be a great freakin summer!

Duchess of Cheddar 

A whole lotta CNC work at TheShop.Build


I've spent the weekend camped out at the shop making signs and light boxes for my theme camp (The Hangry Bishop in case ya didn't hear!). I hadn't used the CNC in about a year, so I was a little rusty but luckily I caught up quickly. It's so much fun to make stuff with this tool. But after 8 hours a day in the shop, the constant sound of machines is making me a little batty!