I'm resurrecting this website! Welcome to AVSmakes by Anastacia

Last year, I started AVSmakes on a whim on April 3, 2014.  It didn't sink in at the time, but I actually paid for a Squarespace membership and was supposed to start posting regularly.

Well, come April 3, 2015, and Squarespace asked me to renew my site.  Whoops, I didn't realize I was paying for an unused site all year.  I also couldn't afford the renewal charge at the time.  (I was majorly unemployed and living in San Francisco)

But I didn't forget about AVSmakes, and over the summer I spent hours wondering if I should resurrect the site.  Finally, I found myself dying for an outlet to share my projects.  I would see other creative blogs and actually feel jealous.  So, it's time to fix that! I've re-instated my Squarespace subscription and will be slowly adding new projects to the site.  

Since I'm starting a new site, basically from scratch, I'll share a little story about myself as an introduction.