Another Rager for the Record Books!

You might not have heard the term "rager" before, but have no fear.  Urban dictionary defines rager as "a larger gathering usually of high school or college students where massive amounts of alcohol are consumed". 

For us burners, rager has slightly different, but similar meaning.  We aren't in college anymore but we are party professionals.  A rager is a long-running event, and sometimes a series of events in one weekend, that everyone comes out for.  The party I just came home from lasted 24 hours.  (I was only there for the final 12)

My good friend Damon Davis throws the most amazing parties ever, and surrounds himself with the most amazing people, too! Feeling so blessed to have my NYC adventure kick off with insanely good music at THE BEST Brooklyn underground party.... surrounded by friends I hadn't seen in years (and others that I just hadn't met yet.)

If you're in NYC and get invited to a Nomadic Rabbit Hole party, don't think, just go!