CNC - Giant Coloring Book Pages

Ever since I started using the CNC, I've had a fantasy of using it to create oversized coloring book pages.  The concept was to cut outlines from a thin piece of plywood, then use it like a stencil to create black lines a piece of wood below.  When Center Hardware announced they were participating in a Dogpatch Sunday Streets, where families and children are invited out to experience the neighborhood, it was the perfect time to put the life sized coloring concept to the test.  I designed the drawings in Adobe Illustrator and set the Shopbot to run from a vCarve file.  Then, I painted the coloring pages white.  Once they were dry I laid the stencil on top and used spray paint to create the black outlines.  


These plaques were designed in Adobe Illustrator and then etched on a Universal Laser Cutter.  By leaving the protective paper on the acrylic when laser cutting, you can create a stencil using paint afterwards.  The material that is removed when etching becomes the painted part of the plaque.  It is using this technique that I can create dozens of plaques with different colors of paint on acrylic.