Announcing: Cheese Cubed on March 16

In honor of Rebecca Ann's birthday and the Ides of March, I'm planning a most EPIC affair. I just got the menu planned out but there is no event page yet, so save the date for Saturday March 16!


An Ides of March, Cheese-Centric Toga Party

Saturday March 16

6 pm - 7 pm toga and wreath crafting

7 pm - 12 am food and drinks are served

10 pm - 11 pm classical photo booth


// primo piatti: Mac and Cheese Cupcakes - White Garlic, Classic Cheddar, Margherita

// secondo piatti: Italian Style Pizza, Panzerotti, Piadine

// dolci : Cheesecake minis from Junior's - Classic, Red Velvet, Chocolate

// bevande : Red & White Wine, Prosecco, Vodka and Tequila

Sorry if you're vegan or lactose intolerant! There WILL be some non cheese items but clearly most of the night will be oozing with cheese.


Duchess of Cheddar


Burner Happy Hour July - Playa Pendants Edition

Oh my WOW!!!! I can safely say that was the most fun I’ve had at an SF Burner Happy Hour so far ;)  It was great to meet all you new Dusty Artists, and to see familiar faces too.  I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to work on art together and hear about your plans for the Burn. 

About 15 camp leaders came to this meetup to laser cut pendants for their camp.  We booked three laser cutters at TechShop SF and assisted in getting their designs printed on wood.  

If you missed this Playa Pendants edition - no worries, we’ll be repeating it again later this year.  But the Burner Happy Hour happens every month on the 2nd Thursday, so hopefully I’ll see you sooner rather than later!

Working on the laser is my happy place and I hope you enjoyed seeing it in action.  And the “real” reason for me hosting the event…. we made out like bandits with all these pendants! (I have an unhealthy obsession with swag, but can you blame me??)

BUT In all the joy of Laser Cutting and Illustrator fun, I completely spaced and didn’t collect attendees’ contact info!  I like to grab your emails at the meetup so we can keep in touch after the event.  

I spoke with some of you about cutting out more pendants at a later date, and I'd be happy to extend that offer to everyone!  If you drop off material at TechShop and provide the files we created, I’ll cut some pendants for you before the Burn.  

So please join the the SF Burner Happy Hour email list for updates of future events and to pick my brain about all your dusty art projects :)  Sign up here:


Burner Happy Hour May - Costumes

We just wrapped up the 3rd Burner Happy Hour in San Francisco!  Our discussion this time-around was COSTUMES.  We’re shared a bunch of tips and tricks for outfitting your next burning adventure, plus some fun NEW activities.  We had a Costume Swap and Glowing Giveaway Raffle planned, so one lucky winner was gifted a FREE MONTH membership at TechShop!


Do you have awesome clothing items or costumes pieces that you just NEVER wear?  Maybe they are sparkly and new but not your style, or they’re fabulous and well-worn but need a new home.  If you’re a burner, chances are you’ve got some items in your closet that just don’t make it into YOUR outfits!  

Those items are the perfect pieces to bring to Burner Happy Hour - Costume Swap!

We’ve found that items are more special when they’re passed from one burner to another, whether it’s accessories, like hats, parasols, jewelry and sunglasses… or essential items like shoes, jackets, dresses and shirts.  We’ve learned that it’s great fun to GIFT your fabulous gear to other burners.  Maybe you’ll see them on playa rocking your much-adored-gear.  Spread costumes and joy here :) 


Another exciting activity for this meet-up is the Glowing Giveaway Raffle, with prizes like Plug and Play El-wire, LED fairy lights, AND a free month of TechShop membership.  To participate in the raffle, bring items for the Costume Swap.  For each item you bring, you’ll receive 1 entry to the raffle.  


As always, ANYONE is welcome to join this creative discussion and meet-up!  

No matter what time you arrive or what you bring, we are excited to meet you and chat about Burning Man 2016.  Since the topic is costumes, nothing is off limits! Bring items you want to work on (for suggestions), ideas of what you’ll make (for inspiration), or anything that’s on your mind!!!

If you’ve been meaning to get rid of some cool items, but want to see them land in a happy home, bring them to the June edition of Burner Happy Hour!



Burner Happy Hour April - Playatech

Hello Dusty Artists!

Thank you for attending the May Edition of Burner Happy Hour at TechShop SF.  We had an awesome turnout on Thursday 5/9, with over 20 guests attending to share their work and ideas.  It was a great surprise when the creator of the Playatech furniture line, Sunshine, decided to join us.  We discussed the two different ways to make this flat-pack furniture from 4x8 sheets of plywood.  Here is a copy of the document shared at the meetup. Please download it if you're interested in making Playatech, and reach out to me with any questions along the way!

PlayaTech Practice

Do you want to work with me to build your camp furniture?  I’ll be making a lot of Playatech in the next month for my theme camp, The Hangry Bishop, to set up a lounge at Pre-Compression at American Steel. I’ll be doing work sessions at TechShop and NIMBY (my Oakland studio) leading up to June 18th, and would love some company :)  If you want to assist in the shop and gain some experience in the process, come join me!  Respond to this email to give me an idea of your availability and what you’d like to work on.

Missed connections

Are you looking for a theme camp to join, participants for a project, or a resource to find tickets?  I spoke with many of you about these topics and more, and want to follow up!  Feel free to respond to this email with anything that’s on your mind:  I can help you find a theme camp to join, provide advice on building plans, or promote your project at the next meetup.  Send a response to this email with what you are looking for, and I’ll be your Burner Happy Hour matchmaker!

Join us next month!

The next Burner Happy Hour will be on Thursday, May 9 at TechShop.  Once again, we’ll start at 6 pm and offer an optional tour of the shop at 7 pm.  If you don’t need to go on the tour, stay with the meetup and keep the conversation going.  The theme for June is COSTUMES.  We’ll show photos of our favorite costumes over the years and have a costume swap to outfit your next burner adventure!  

Until next time!



His & Her Undies at Date Night

On 4/8/2015, we gathered at TechShop for Date Night!  At this event, we decided to make His & Her Undies.  Each couple was given a paper pattern and a selection of fabric to make their underwear.  Then, they took each other's measurements to figure out sizing and cut their pieces.  Our event staff then sewed the undies up and sent our happy guests on their way with some new fashions!

Burner Happy Hour March - Intros and Lil' Art

Last Thursday was the 1st Burning Man Happy Hour in San Francisco!  We’d like to thank everyone who took time from their busy schedule to come talk about playa art.  Despite the short-notice announcement, we had ten dusty artists join the meetup, which happened on Thursday, April 14.

The first edition of BMHH was thrown together at the last minute, yet unfolded with great participation and burner fabulousness!  While the monthly “happy hour” event had been in planning mode for a while, we decided to host the FIRST event in April (about a week earlier!!!).  So, the actual announcement came just a few days before the event.  

We announced the Burning Man Happy Hour on TechShop’s Meetup page, local burner groups on Facebook, and to the members of TechShop.  Even with busy schedules all around, we had a great turnout.  Some people brought samples of their projects, and we gave informal tours of TechShop SF to newcomers.


All the attendees had great stories and information to share, whether they were Burning Man regulars or planning their first trip to playa.  A few guests also brought some in-progress projects to share and discuss!  Ryan and Griffen were at TechShop that night to work on the ShopBot Alpha, a CNC machine.  They popped into the meetup before going down to the woodshop - they were cutting out panels that will eventually become the stage at the Burning Man camp Dustfish.  

Mark from DeMentha camp had two awesome personal projects to share - both were in-progress but still quite impressive!  He is building a wearable el-wire heart infinity mirror, and he plans to make multiples and give them to camp mates.  And as cool as that was, it doesn’t compete with his Da Vinci-inspired, functioning wings!  He brought a video of them in action and it was impressive to see them in motion.  In the next few months, he’ll be working on a way to skin the wing frames that keeps them light.  I can’t wait to see all of these finished projects on playa!

If you’re interested in attending the next Burning Man Happy Hour, we’d love to have you!

The meetup is held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at TechShop SF.  For updates, please submit your name and email!