Burner Happy Hour April - Playatech

Hello Dusty Artists!

Thank you for attending the May Edition of Burner Happy Hour at TechShop SF.  We had an awesome turnout on Thursday 5/9, with over 20 guests attending to share their work and ideas.  It was a great surprise when the creator of the Playatech furniture line, Sunshine, decided to join us.  We discussed the two different ways to make this flat-pack furniture from 4x8 sheets of plywood.  Here is a copy of the document shared at the meetup. Please download it if you're interested in making Playatech, and reach out to me with any questions along the way!

PlayaTech Practice

Do you want to work with me to build your camp furniture?  I’ll be making a lot of Playatech in the next month for my theme camp, The Hangry Bishop, to set up a lounge at Pre-Compression at American Steel. I’ll be doing work sessions at TechShop and NIMBY (my Oakland studio) leading up to June 18th, and would love some company :)  If you want to assist in the shop and gain some experience in the process, come join me!  Respond to this email to give me an idea of your availability and what you’d like to work on.

Missed connections

Are you looking for a theme camp to join, participants for a project, or a resource to find tickets?  I spoke with many of you about these topics and more, and want to follow up!  Feel free to respond to this email with anything that’s on your mind:  I can help you find a theme camp to join, provide advice on building plans, or promote your project at the next meetup.  Send a response to this email with what you are looking for, and I’ll be your Burner Happy Hour matchmaker!

Join us next month!

The next Burner Happy Hour will be on Thursday, May 9 at TechShop.  Once again, we’ll start at 6 pm and offer an optional tour of the shop at 7 pm.  If you don’t need to go on the tour, stay with the meetup and keep the conversation going.  The theme for June is COSTUMES.  We’ll show photos of our favorite costumes over the years and have a costume swap to outfit your next burner adventure!  

Until next time!