Burner Happy Hour July - Playa Pendants Edition

Oh my WOW!!!! I can safely say that was the most fun I’ve had at an SF Burner Happy Hour so far ;)  It was great to meet all you new Dusty Artists, and to see familiar faces too.  I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to work on art together and hear about your plans for the Burn. 

About 15 camp leaders came to this meetup to laser cut pendants for their camp.  We booked three laser cutters at TechShop SF and assisted in getting their designs printed on wood.  

If you missed this Playa Pendants edition - no worries, we’ll be repeating it again later this year.  But the Burner Happy Hour happens every month on the 2nd Thursday, so hopefully I’ll see you sooner rather than later!

Working on the laser is my happy place and I hope you enjoyed seeing it in action.  And the “real” reason for me hosting the event…. we made out like bandits with all these pendants! (I have an unhealthy obsession with swag, but can you blame me??)

BUT In all the joy of Laser Cutting and Illustrator fun, I completely spaced and didn’t collect attendees’ contact info!  I like to grab your emails at the meetup so we can keep in touch after the event.  

I spoke with some of you about cutting out more pendants at a later date, and I'd be happy to extend that offer to everyone!  If you drop off material at TechShop and provide the files we created, I’ll cut some pendants for you before the Burn.  

So please join the the SF Burner Happy Hour email list for updates of future events and to pick my brain about all your dusty art projects :)  Sign up here: