Box Mania! Laser Cut Boxes in Wood and Acrylic

One of my favorite things about the Laser Cutter is the ability to cut and assemble ANY BOX or container on-the-fly.  


I’ve started using Post-It notes in my planner instead of crossing things out when they get canceled.  I like the ability to move things around but still have a written document rather than a web app.  After struggling to use a pencil case to hold my Post-It’s, I made this small box out of scrap acrylic.  It fits my two sizes of Post-It’s perfectly.


Since teaching the MakerBot 3D printer at TechShop, I've realized a need to to store 3d-printed thingamajigs to show my class.  I whipped up this box during a one hour reservation on the Universal Lasers, using the box generator at MakerCase.com.  I also etched my name and the MakerBot logo onto the box surface.  I love how the project came out.